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MI Australia - Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

 Marine Insurance Australia Pty Ltd

Australian Privacy Statement

1.            About us
MIA is Marine Insurance Australia Pty Ltd, a company incorporated in Australia under number ACN 119 920 491 and authorised to conduct business in Australia under AFSR number 304134.  MIA’s address is P.O. Box 797, Samford, QLD 4520, Australia.  MIA is the agent and authorised representative of Sunderland Marine.
Sunderland Marine is Sunderland Marine Insurance Company Limited, a company incorporated in England under number 16432 and authorised to conduct business in Australia under ARBN 007 508 401 and ABN 89 007 508 401. The principal address of Sunderland Marine’s Australian business is 19 Agnes Street, Jolimont, East Melbourne, Victoria 3002, Australia.

Contact details:
Telephone        +61 07 3289 6689
Fax                     +61 07 3289 6690

 MIA is aware of and seeks at all times to comply with the Australian Privacy Principles (APPs) set out in the Privacy Act 1988 as amended by the Privacy Amendment (Enhancing Privacy Protection) Act 2012 (the Privacy Act) when managing and maintaining personal information in the course of its Australian business.

2.            Your Personal Information
This Privacy Statement sets out MIA's policies in relation to the management of Personal Information, and in particular:
• the type of Personal Information MIA collects;
• how individuals are able to obtain access to Personal Information about them that MIA collects or holds;
• the purpose for which MIA collects and uses Personal Information; and
• the manner in which MIA collects, stores, uses, discloses, handles and provide access to, the Personal Information.
Personal Information means information or an opinion (whether true or not) about an individual who can be reasonably identified from that information. This includes information which is written, oral or electronic.
Sensitive Information means information or an opinion about a person’s racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, religious beliefs or affiliations, membership of a political association, philosophical beliefs, membership of a professional or trade association or trade union, sexual orientation or practices, criminal record, health, genetic or biometric information provided such information is also Personal Information.
 Health Information means information about a person’s health or disability (including genetic information), a person’s expressed wishes about the future provision of health services to that person, or any treatment provided or to be provided to a person provided such information is also Personal Information.
If you have any specific questions regarding the manner in which MIA manages and maintains your Personal Information, Sensitive Information or Health Information please contact us directly.

 3.            Collecting Personal Information
MIA will only collect Personal Information where the information is reasonably necessary for one or more of MIA’s functions or activities.  Accordingly, MIA may need to collect Personal Information in the following situations:
• where MIA is gathering information in order to provide a quotation for (re)insurance (including a renewal, amendment or midterm adjustment);
• arranging (re)insurance (including a renewal, amendment or midterm adjustment);
• arranging the alteration of the terms of a(n) (re)insurance policy;
• providing the insurer with information to assist with processing a(n) (re)insurance claim;
• providing information about its products and services;
• complying with our legal and regulatory obligations; or
• processing a job application
(Purposes for collecting Personal Information).
MIA will only collect Personal Information where this information is reasonably necessary for any Purpose for collecting Personal Information. If MIA requires any of your Personal Information, MIA will request your Personal Information and advise you as follows:
• how to contact MIA;
• how MIA will use your Personal Information;
• the organisations or types of organisations to which it may disclose your Personal Information; and
• potential consequences that may arise if you do not provide MIA with your Personal Information.
 MIA endeavours to collect Personal Information directly from the individual concerned and not from a third party. However, it may not always be reasonable or practicable for MIA to do so. Occasionally, situations may arise where it is necessary for MIA to obtain Personal Information about an individual from a third party, for example:
• if a broker contacts MIA directly on the individual's behalf;
• if MIA requires independent verification or appraisal of information that an individual has provided; or
• if MIA is investigating a claim.
MIA may from time to time need to collect Sensitive Information or Health Information where this is reasonably necessary for one or more of MIA’s functions or activities (including but not limited to the purpose of dealing with a(n) (re)insurance proposal or a claim).  MIA will only collect Sensitive Information or Health Information if MIA has your consent or is required to do so by Australian law or by order of a court/tribunal.

4.            Using or disclosing your Personal Information
MIA will only use or disclose Personal Information to a third party for purposes related to the following:
• to assess a proposal or provide a quotation for (re)insurance (including a renewal, amendment or midterm adjustment);
• to arrange (re)insurance (including a renewal, amendment or midterm adjustment);
• to assist with an insurance claim;
• to provide information about its products or services;
• to process a job application;
• to meet the requirements of applicable regulatory bodies and/or law enforcement agencies; and
• to obtain advice from our professional advisers.
MIA will not use your Personal Information for any other purpose without your consent, unless compelled to do so by an Australian law, court or tribunal order, or enforcement body.
MIA will not provide Personal Information to any organisation to use for marketing purposes. MIA may from time to time use your Personal Information to provide you with news or offers about our products and services.  However, MIA will only do so with your consent, which you may retract by providing MIA with notice in writing.
MIA may use or disclose Personal Information for purposes of public safety, law enforcement and certain other purposes specified in the Privacy Act and in accordance with the APPs.

5.            Maintaining the integrity of your Personal Information
To ensure that the Personal Information we hold is accurate, complete, and up to date we:
• periodically review our paper files and electronic database to remove or de-identify Personal Information that we no longer need; and
• correct, within a reasonable period, any errors that you bring to our attention.
If we do not correct any errors that you bring to our attention we will give you reasons for our refusal to do so and provide details of our complaints procedure.
If you ask us to, we will take reasonable steps to associate a statement to the information acknowledging your claim that the information is inaccurate, incomplete and out of date in such a way as to make it apparent to users of the information.

6.            Accessing your Personal Information
You can request access to the Personal Information we hold about you. Your rights to access, and our rights to refuse access, are set out in the Privacy Act under APP 12.
MIA may refuse access in certain circumstances specified in that APP, including if:
• providing access to the information would be unlawful;
• providing access would breach the privacy of (an)other individual(s);
• the information relates to existing or anticipated legal proceedings between you and MIA, and the information would not be accessible by the process of discovery in those proceedings;
• the information would reveal MIA's intentions in negotiations with you in a way which would prejudice those negotiations; or
• giving you access would be likely to prejudice an investigation of possible unlawful activity.
When providing you with access to your Personal Information, MIA will do so within a reasonable period. We may charge a reasonable amount to cover any expenses incurred in providing access to you. MIA is not required to reveal evaluative information it has created in connection with a commercially sensitive decision making process. MIA will decline access in such circumstances.
In the event that MIA refuses access to your Personal Information, MIA will inform you in writing of such refusal, setting out the reasons for such refusal and providing a copy of the MIA complaints procedure.

7.            Securing your Personal Information
MIA understands that you may be concerned about the security and confidentiality of the Personal Information we hold. MIA recognises the value of Personal Information and will do all that it reasonably can to protect the information from misuse and loss, and from unauthorised access, modification and disclosure.
MIA will do that by:
• ensuring that all MIA staff who have access to Personal Information understand the requirements of the Privacy Act;
• requiring our suppliers and contractors to comply with all applicable data protection and privacy legislation;
• storing Personal Information in paper files in secure facilities; and
• using secure access codes and other electronic data protection techniques when storing or transmitting Personal Information electronically.

8.            Personal Information outside Australia
MIA may need to transfer the Personal Information to other entities within its group both within and outside of Australia. Details of the location of such entities are available from MIA will only transfer Personal Information outside Australia with your consent or if MIA is satisfied, or has made arrangements to ensure, that the information will be handled in a manner that is consistent with the requirements of APP 8 under the Privacy Act.

9.            Website Cookies
We use a technology called "cookies" as part of our normal business procedure to track patterns of behaviour of visitors to the Website. A cookie is an element of data that the Website sends to your browser that is then stored on your system. You can set your browser to prevent this happening. Any information collected in this way may be used to identify you unless you change your browser settings.  Further details are available from our website terms of use and privacy policy, which can be obtained from

10.          Complaints
MIA takes all complaints we receive about the way we treat Personal Information seriously.
If you make a complaint about the way in which MIA or another person or organisation acting in connection with MIA treats Personal Information, MIA will deal with the complaint in accordance with the requirements of the Privacy Act and the APPs.
We are happy to assist you with your written complaint if required.
When we receive your written complaint we will write to you to confirm the substance of the complaint.
If your complaint relates to the way in which another person or organisation acting in connection with us has collected, stored, used or disclosed your Personal Information, you should also contact that person or organisation.
We will investigate your complaint and, within 15 working days of receiving it, will write to you to tell you the outcome of our investigation, and the reasons for that outcome.
If you are dissatisfied with the outcome you may refer your complaint to the Australian Office of the Information Commissioner.