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MI Australia - Sunderland Marine Rating

Sunderland Marine Rating

Sunderland Marine Rating

In 2014 Sunderland Marine merged with P&I Club North of England Protecting and Indemnity Association (North). The merger created one of the largest marine insurance operations worldwide. Providing enhanced financial stability, a greater diversity of product lines, continued service excellence and a stronger competitive position.

Sunderland Marine benefits from a parental guarantee issued by North. This guarantee covers Sunderland Marine’s payment obligations to policyholders and is unconditional, continuing and binding upon North. Sunderland Marine policyholders are express third party beneficiaries of this guarantee. The obligations of North under this guarantee rank pari passu with North’s own policyholder obligations.

Sunderland Marine has an 'A' (stable) credit rating from the financial rating agency Standard and Poor's. To view the ratings reports please visit the Sunderland Marine website.